Hiragana First Steps

Learning Japanese 1

Welcome to learning Japanese, this is how I am planning to learn Japanese without a teacher. I am writing this series for myself to keep track of my progress, more of notes.

I already have some materials given by my teacher and know some fundamentals. Here are some links I find very useful.

I am going to follow my teacher’s methods: learn the Hiragana characters, learn some words and create basic sentences

Laying the strong foundations: mastering the vowels

aa (pronounce a as in all)
e (pronounce e as in enough)
é (pronounce e as in hey)
ô (pronounce o as in Hospital)

Words with above characters

あい Love
あお Blue
いえ House
いいえ No
うえ Top
おい Nephew
あう Meet

Spoken helpers:

  • Yes is pronounced as ‘Hai’

  • No is pronounced as いいえ (e-e-a)


More youtube video links