Auroville, India

Auroville, near to pondicherry is a place to explore and experience culture, people and life as a whole. Unity and peace is the mantra here. Auroville itself is made of many settlements. I had packed my bags to Auorville for a weekend. I had already booked my guest house: Samarpan, is run by a wonderful Donata and Stephano with her very old mother. They came to Auroville 8 year back from Italy, who is more Indian than me; she said “I love the place, the people and their shit” pointing the beach where villagers come for defecating.

Samarpan guest house is just in the beach, with wooden cottages and studios. The cottages are facing the sea, witnessing everyday the divine sunrise which decorates the orange sky. I hired a scooter which is economical and convenient way to visit around. I was served with Idly, toast, pancake and fruits for breakfast.

view from cottage

I relaxed watching the sea with my Kindle.


To visit Matir mandir next day, booking must be made at the Auroville information center after watching a video. It’s handy to have an Auro card which is like a debit card. A free pass can be got to visit the Matir Mandir viewing point.


Savitri Bhavan, Solar Kitchen and Kala Kendra are few must visit places. You can make the most of the experience if you plan you trip according to Auroville’s events. There are many cafes and restaurants around, all these places are different in their own way. We can get fresh pizzas and I loved the yummy chocolate cake made of wheat and chocolate balls at “Farm Fresh”, which is few hundred feet away from Auroville Bakery.

Auroville is a place for architects. Building are unconventional, beautiful and eco friendly. I visited a project: houses built by volunteers just by scavenging. I saw some one made a stool with tetra packs. It is also possible for anyone to become a volunteer by applying through Auroville’s website. To get the story: talk to people, everyone there are very polite and good.

You might be tempted you live back if you are deep in your mind frustrated with living the mechanical life and living in the traffic.


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