Dwaraka & Somnath

After visiting Pasupathinath temple in Kathmandu and from the time wearing ‘Rudraksha’ which I bought it from shop outside Pasupathinath my spritual fevour has stepped to the next level. I boarded a bus from Ahmedabad and travelled over night to Dwaraka. As soon as I boarded the bus, there was a gentleman already sitting and had kept his bag on the seat where I had reserved, he seemed irritated when I went there to sit. He asked rudely where I am headed. When I answered “Dwaraka”, he sarcastically exclaimed “what will you do in Dwaraka, ha ha ha !!”. Though I was first offended, when he started a similar conversation to the person in front I felt better thinking I am not alone.

Dwarakadeesh. #dwaraka #gujarat #travel #live

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The Dwarakadeesh temple is inside the town. Hotels are two minutes away by walk, and they are nominally priced. There were small good shops who serve Dokla, Gaatiya, Samosa and few other Gujarati delicacies. I always stood there in those shops thinking what to buy, but ended up buying small portions of all the names I could grasp when they say me their menu orally.

A photo posted by The Pedestrian (@lepedestrian) on Jan 10, 2015 at 4:25am PST

//platform.instagram.com/en_US/embeds.jsDwarakadeesh temple is always busy with walking in, walking out and posing pilgirms. The fascinating palace like bygone architecture of the temple evince the presence of unknown and orenda in the land of Lord Krishna. Later in the afternoon I was was on my way to other places of interest. First I visited the Rukmane Temple, a temple on sea shore and Gopi talav, a small lake with historical importance – both temples has interesting stories. Later I visited Bet Dwaraka, which is an island 5 kms away from shore. There are over 150 ferries which are primary transportation to reach the island, usually overcrowded. The emerald green water and flock of sea gulls flying over the boat were moments of “Wow”.

Bet Dwaraka risky boat ride #dwaraka #gujarat #costal #travel

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On the way back from Bet Dwaraka, which is some 30 kms away from from Dwaraka I witnessed a best sunset of my life. The evanescence of the sun at the narrow stretch of road the divine fireball kissed the earth at the horizon.

Next morning I was already in road toward Somnath before sunrise which is 250 kms from Dwaraka. I had reached late afternoon, I had enough time to visit the temple and good time watching the sunset. I was little disappointed since I couldn’t continue the trip with Raan of Kutch and Gir National park but soon turned up in to my checklist of places to visit in Gujarat.

A photo posted by The Pedestrian (@lepedestrian) on Jan 11, 2015 at 4:49am PST



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