Gandhinagar – Gujarat

Gandhinagar is very sparsely populated. There are few place inside city to be visited and many place at around thirty kilometer radius. I had boarded on a overcrowded Jeep from Taltej, Ahmadabad. The jeep drove through S.G highway, a wonderful road which took only 25 minutes on a 21 km stretch to reach the destination.

I have arrived at Akshardham, a prodigious structure of architectural value and artwork stood majestically surrounded by sheltered corridors which made it look like a palace. It’s the holy place of SwamiNarayan temple. The temple has preserved scientifically treated cloths, hair, nails, tooth, utensils, bed etc. of Swami Narayan, The whole temple premises is surrounded by wonderfully maintained garden. Mobiles, cameras and any other electronic devices are not allowed inside temple premises which can be saftely deposited in the designated place. You will probably thank for not taking in your mobile and camera after you visit.

There is an exhibition in the premises, tickets can be purchased at INR 50. There are five halls, the first hall will welcome you with a statue of man carving himself symbolising “Man is the maker of his own happiness”, and next hall will give the experience of arduous travel Swami Narayan which lasted for seven long years with artifial hanging bridges, rain forests, then a movie on the Indian Culture, geography, and travel of Swami Narayan, and finally with wonderful depection Ramayan with life sized effigies.

Outside of the premises is full of small shops food, pani-poori, Gujarati costumes and lemon soda.


I hired a rickshaw to Adalaj to visit the step well (“wow” in gujarati) and Trimandir


The step well is an architectural marvel. There are five stories in the building, water can be accessed at any level, and each story has a parapet wall at floor level which will let access to any part of the well.

and finally Trimandir


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