Udupi, Karnataka, India

Udupi, a holy town famously known for Sri Krishna temple and its food. A clean town, which is around 400 kms from Bangalore, there are buses to Udupi, which go via Mangalore. There are abundant bus services from Mangalore which is around sixty kms away to Udupi. The temple which has an interesting history on how it was founded by Madhvacharya is five minutes by walk from the bus stand. Spirituality was already in the air, with divine fragrance and and the music as we approached the temple. You can find accommodations around the temple, prefer the mutt’s accommodation which is closer to temple, inexpensive and of good standards, we paid ₹750 for a non-a/c room.


Udupi Cuisine, know across nation for its uncomplicated flavor without onion and garlic, food is served at the temple twice a day for lunch and dinner from where popularity of Udupi cuisine come from. It would remain incomplete without experiencing other Udupi recipes, prefer smaller traditional restaurants near by temple. did I say ‘Masala dosa’ originated at Udupi?

There is a strong urge within me to talk about Udupi girls, they are beautiful and they still posses the lost art of shyness and I shall end it here.

Six kms away is the Maple beach, you have abundant small buses from Udupi. Plan to spend a full day at the beach. There is a Mahatma Gandhi statue at the entrance, apart from couple of resorts and few small shops the beach is not much commercialized. There are few rocky islands near Malpe, there are boat services to these islands at nominal cost. St. Mary’s island is special because of its rock formations. Basalt, a type of igneous rock is in columnar formation, within the island there are columnar hexagonal formation. Island holds geological importance, also declared as a geological monument by Geological Survey of India. In the Malpe beach, you can walk little further to visit the shipyard, visitors are not allowed inside but you can see some of the shipyard by coming around to back side. There is also a port with hundreds of fishing boats anchored. By evening, beautiful sunset that anyone cannot afford to miss.

arriving at island

St.Mary's Island

Malpe beach

With a traveler spirit without a tourist attitude, Udupi has much to offer.


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