Everest Movie

It’s unusual from me to write about movie in a blog which is essentially a travelogue, and more unusual since I don’t watch movies.  This movie in particular has captured my attention. Watching those places in 3D has brought some of my own memories to life. The movie is based on this wonderful book “Into Thin Air” by Jon K. Though the movie has given the chapters life, I enjoyed the book more.

I came across this book after my Himalayan trip, I was able to connect to each sentence of the book to my own exaggerated experience and learnings from a professional mountaineer. When I encountered vocabularies like HAPE, HACE I understood, when I came across “toes freezing” I know how it feels and when I read frost bite I know the pain of it. I developed immense feeling towards this mountain which remained invincible for hundred years after its discovery and costed hundreds of lives. Giving it easy is not the way of great mountains. Cost to attempt the summit remain so high, I made this desire to intention and put on hold, instead I decided to visit.

The movie is a great attempt, but it has missed the essential background and to rake up the emotions and sentiments. I loved it when the actor says “why are we doing this to ourselves”, a question that often lingers while I trek when I am drained of last drop of my sweat and sinking into ground. While I enjoyed the book more, having this experience through book, in real and movie make it all like three scoops of ice-cream.


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