McLeodGanj, Himachal, India

I couldn’t believe I hadn’t posted anything for a year, what a shame! But I had had an exciting time meanwhile. Out of many trips (hopefully I will write a blog for each one), being to McleodGanj was the most exciting and enlightening. I went there to learn an introductory course on Buddhism at Tushita.

I was attracted to Buddhism after reading an amazing book “Tibetan book of living and dying”, a book I should credit for changing my outlook of world and death – filled wealth of  wisdom. However I wanted to fill the gap of knowledge fundamentals; I enrolled to “Introduction to Buddhism”, 10 days residential course.

10 days of blissful meditation, inspiring teaching and soulful food has left me cleansed of the dirt of anxious life. The little bit of knowledge I gained and practice has brought subtle and greater change in me. All residents are not allowed to talk, kill(anything crawling/walking/flying) or engage in worldly affairs.  All we had to do was meditate, read, listen to teaching and do some karma jobs.

After this delightful time, I was fortunate to be a part of HH Dalai Lama’s teaching. I was able to see him all four days, except on the last day I shook hands with him, an experience I will always cherish. Trust me, his every action is filled  with compassion, when he look towards us who were sitting in front, I couldn’t contain my tears. He is overflowing with compassion.

I also did enjoy the local food and events, made alot of friends whom I am still in touch with. Just wonderful.