I ate this in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Ahmedabad is a place for foodies. There is a restaurant or snack shop every hundred feet, The food is rich and inexpensive. Fresh Ghee, butter and cheese are part of almost every receipe. Ahmedabad aka Amdavad is a abode for those with sweet tooth. Those exclusive snack shop always leaves me confused with options. And Paan shops with options like singoda paan, chocolate paan, dry fruit paan etc., has left me speechless (It was quite stuffy in my mouth).

Gujarathi Thali

There are many restaurants that offer meals like this, which is the only option and there is no À la carte at these places. Usually there are many items in a thali which cost betweem 200-300 INR, the wonderful news is everything is unlimited. I also had a thali with less items and unlimited quantity for just 50 INR.



The colorful lot

manek chowk

pav manek chowk

Gujarathi Snacks manek chowk


Paan ashok a/c pan shop