Everest Base Camp 5364m

I have come back ten years younger or I have come back with fitness of a marathon runner. My hair has become silky, jaw line is well defined and my skin has got 14 days free spa treatment. Nothing came easy. I was fully put into test mentally, physically and emotionally. Once I sat down on a rock surrounded by vast void of thin air and colossal rocks while my eyes couldn’t contain the overflowing tears, and I don’t know why. I haven’t fully recovered while I am writing this after 3 weeks since I finished the trek. I still feel the need for incubated nourishment of Biriyani and beer injected into my veins directly.

15987328216_dd71f3bfa1_oThe trip started at Lukla to Phakding. And then to Namche and tengboche. Tengboche is unforgettable. We were lucky enough to go to the proter’s house to try ‘Raksi’, a very delicious clear water like drink served hot. Taste of Raksi was enlivend by a beautiful girl there. No lip gloss could make any lips as hers, No make up artist could recreate her rosy cheeks. I was more intoxicated with her smile than Raksi itself. The gentleman inside us walked out as we sipped and gulped the drink. Our eyes stuck on her like a chewing gum in shoe. Once my corporate mind thought I could marry her and become a Nepal citizen, as Nepal citizens don’t pay to climb Mt.Everest which was an addon. We decided to take the trek further to Dingboche while I let the pervert inside me sleep till I return back. We furthered our trek to Gorekshep.

16013168625_6e22b8d5f2_oWith fear to finish creeped in, we treked to Kalapattar and Everest Base Camp. The proud moment has come. We were at Everest base camp, 5364 meters above sea level. It wasn’t any close to easy, there are people who say it’s easy, but the world knows you are just having a poker face while saying that.

15393782204_86713312fe_oEnduring the monotony of eating, hiking and sleeping is also an adventure. In a group every one comes with a different idea, like mine was to see Mt.Everest someone else’s was to find peace. But mighty humble mountains teach us more than we realise.